Date and Time

local_time extractor

This extractor is useful when you need to parse a local date-time and get a time-of-day (or something similar) from there to catch a seasonality: maybe visitor behavior is different on morning and in evening? Given the event:

  "event": "ranking",
  "id": "81f46c34-a4bb-469c-8708-f8127cd67d27",
  "timestamp": "1599391467000",
  "user": "user1",
  "session": "session1",
  "fields": [
      {"name": "localts", "value": "2021-12-03T10:15:30+01:00"}
  "items": [
    {"id": "item3"},
    {"id": "item1"},
    {"id": "item2"} 

and the following feature config:

- name: time
  type: local_time
  parse: time_of_day // can be day_of_week/time_of_day/day_of_month/month_of_year/year/second
  source: ranking.localts // can only work with ranking event types, the field must be string with ISO-formatted zoned datetime

This extractor will pull the 10:15:30+01:00, and map it into a 0..23.99 range, so one second before midnight will be 0.99, and midday will be 0.5.

This extractor can use both a separate field or an event-level ranking.timestamp one.

Supported parse field values:

  • day_of_week: day number in 1..7 range, where Monday is 1

  • time_of_day: local time in 0.0..23.99 range

  • day_of_month: day of current month in 1..31 range

  • month_of_year: current month in 1..12 range

  • year: absolute current year value

  • second: current local timestamp in seconds from epoch start


Sometimes it can be useful to know how fresh is the item in the ranking? Consider the following item metadata event:

  "event": "item",
  "id": "81f46c34-a4bb-469c-8708-f8127cd67d27",
  "item": "product1", 
  "timestamp": "1599391467000",
  "fields": [
    {"name": "created_at", "value": "2021-12-03T10:15:30+01:00"}

It's possible to compute how much time has passed from the created_at field value till now, with the following config snippet:

- name: freshness
  type: item_age
  source: item.created_at // can only work with item metadata event types
  refresh: 0s // optional, how frequently we should update the value, 0s by default
  ttl: 90d // optional, how long should we store this field

The source field should have any of the following types:

  • string, ISO8601 date+time+timezone, example: "2021-12-03T10:15:30+01:00"

  • number, unixtime (number of seconds from epoch start), example 1648483661

  • string, unixtime as a string (so there will be no json number rounding), example: "1648483661"

  • you can reference the event timestamp (not the free-form field, but the native top-level event timestamp) with a item.timestamp

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