Prometheus metrics export

Metarank exports a set of internal metrics you can use to monitor its health. See the /metrics endpoint description for details on how to access them.

Application metrics

All application metrics have a common metarank_ prefix:

  1. metarank_rank_requests: counter, number of requests received by the /rank endpoint. This metric also counts requests by model name.

metarank_rank_requests_total{model="model_name",} 5.0
  1. metarank_feedback_events: counter, number of feedback events received both from API and any other connector (like kafka/pulsar/kinesis).

metarank_feedback_events_total 58441.0
  1. metarank_rank_latency_seconds, histogram, latency distribution for /rank requests, scoped by a model. Percentiles tracked: 50%, 80%, 90%, 95%, 98%, 99%.

metarank_rank_latency_seconds{model="xgboost",quantile="0.5",} 0.011451508
metarank_rank_latency_seconds{model="xgboost",quantile="0.8",} 0.014340056
metarank_rank_latency_seconds{model="xgboost",quantile="0.9",} 0.119447575
metarank_rank_latency_seconds{model="xgboost",quantile="0.95",} 0.119447575
metarank_rank_latency_seconds{model="xgboost",quantile="0.98",} 0.119447575
metarank_rank_latency_seconds{model="xgboost",quantile="0.99",} 0.119447575
metarank_rank_latency_seconds_count{model="xgboost",} 5.0
metarank_rank_latency_seconds_sum{model="xgboost",} 0.16446094099999997

JVM metrics

Metarank also exports a set of default JVM metrics, related to buffers, classloaders, GC, allocation and threadpools.

All the JVM metrics have common jvm_ prefix.

Grafana dashboard

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